About Fly-by-Night

Fly-by-Night Dance Theater (FBN) is a dance company that specializes in combining Modern and Aerial Dance, expanding the range of vertical and lateral movement thereby generating new potential for choreographic, dramatic, and individual expression. FBN has produced several on-going programs: 8 Free-for-Kids Projects, FREE after school classes in a Public School, 7 NYC Aerial Dance Festivals with guest aerial artists from around the county, and 12 seasons of Ms. Ludwick's work.

Each year we have run a FREE after school dance program at Muscota New School (a public school in the Inwood neighborhood of Upper Manhattan). The program is open to all students from 1st to 5th grade and emphasizes allowing students to find ways to express themselves through movement and to work together cooperatively.

FBN has a commitment to people of color as students and cast members, believing them to be vital to maintaining the diversity and health of the dance community and the company. Each year FBN holds a free audition class for adult dancers of color to explore Aerial Dance and chooses 3-5 students to join the company in Aerial Dance training.

FBN ONLINE AUCTION PROCEEDS allow us to continue our programs. Please take a few moments to make a bid - We appreciate all your support!

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